Mobile App

The ManageMyHealth website offers a number of other resources, including health-related news, community forums, and access to wellness initiatives. Over time, other resources will be available on the site that will provide users with an online health resource to manage their own health care and the well-being of their families.


Access your medical records, view medical conditions, lab results, immunization records, allergies, prescriptions, and if needed, share health information with other online health tools to improve your health and track your progress, all on your device mobile.

ManageMyHealth is an effective way to monitor and manage your and your family’s health. Even if you don’t see your doctor often, ManageMyHealth can help you take control of your health and well-being.

What Is The Mobile App For?

MyHealthApp provides access to the ManageMyHealth Patient Portal, a secure website hosted by selected general practitioners (GPs). Not all New Zealand doctors have the ManageMyHealth patient portal. Check with your doctor if this is the case. With ManageMyHealthApp you can:

  • Access your medical records, including lab results.
  • Improve your health using online tools to monitor your health, set health goals and tasks
  • Make an appointment with your doctor or nurse
  • Request prescription top-ups
  • Share your health information with healthcare professionals
  • Contact your doctor
  • Receive reminders for retreats and appointments.


Note: Not all features are automatically enabled. Each GP practice chooses which function to activate. To register for ManageMyHealthApp, you must ask your family doctor for an activation code. You need a personal email address and ID.

Note: The app is free. Your healthcare provider may charge you for various services that you access through the app, such as B. New prescriptions and counseling.

Please contact customer service if you encounter any problems using or using the mobile app.