In the patient management system of the practice, you’ll find your medical records. This is often referred to as having a history of primary care. Reduce patient communication costs by providing electronic payments, lab results, and secure email.


Managing your patients’ health and recovery can be made easier by integrating the ManageMyHealth online electronic health records portal with a wide range of medical devices, audio/video management, and medication management.

ManageMyHealth increases healthcare efficiency and reduces administrative burden by using ManageMyHealth features such as online appointment management and electronic medical record management, secure messaging and appointment reminders, etc.

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Additionally, you have the option to do the following:

Secure Email – This feature allows you to communicate securely with your doctor and vice versa. Please note that the decision to allow you to email your doctor is yours. Physicians must decide how best to meet these additional needs of their patients. Some doctors will adopt this option more quickly than others.

Journal – Create an online journal where you can enter goals and track your progress, or simply record information you want to discuss with your doctor during your next appointment. You also have the option to make a journal entry private, which means only you can access that information.

Calendar – You can create calendar items to help you remember upcoming events, eg B. Events or programs you may be involved in. Soon we will offer you the possibility to receive an SMS reminder on your mobile phone.

Community Forums – You can create your own discussion topic or simply join existing discussions. If you have experience or wisdom, other patients like you will be very grateful if you share your experiences.

Health News – We monitor the web for new relevant articles that may be of interest to you.