Telemedicine is managed by ManageMyHealth. Managing your patients’ health and recovery is made easier with ManageMyHealth’s integrated medical devices, secure audio and video management, and medication management.


ManageMyHealth increases healthcare efficiency and reduces administrative burden by using ManageMyHealth features such as online appointment management and electronic medical record management, secure messaging and appointment reminders, etc.

Various Benefits Of The Portal

Access and control your health information in your secure personal health account.

Better health outcomes by sharing your health information with healthcare professionals and people who matter in your life.

  • Track your health with health-related reminders, for example. to remember
  • Timely and relevant health content related to your condition and concerns i.e. medical research, newsletters, open forums, health categories.
  • Communication tools and access to your health information allow you to actively participate in decisions regarding your health and well-being.
  • One of our product experts will demonstrate how ManageMyHealth will empower people and increase the efficiency of healthcare professionals.

Gives You Peace Of Mind

When you need medical assistance, your vital medical information is available to emergency services.


With ManageMyHealth services such as online appointment scheduling, secure messaging, viewing lab results, ordering prescription refills, and email appointments.

Reduce Your Costs

Electronic payments, lab results, and secure emails allow you to reduce your communication costs.

Share Patient Information

Share your patients’ medical information with other primary care physicians, emergency physicians, and emergency physicians.

Increase Your Income

See the difference ManageMyHealth will make your results more efficient and reduce costs.

Reduce Management Time

Reduce patient communication costs by providing electronic payments, lab results and secure email.

Anyone can use ManageMyHealth. Even if you are in very good health and don’t see your doctor often. Your basic medical information, like your blood type or allergies, may prove critical in an emergency.