This is an online patient portal that can provide you with better access to us as a healthcare provider. You can book appointments online, order repeat prescriptions, and view the results. Ordering repeat prescriptions just got easier, they’re also $2 cheaper if you order them that way. Please note that you must first register for free with MMH to access their Manage My Health portal. Speak to our friendly front desk team today to register or download the form below and bring it with you along with a valid ID.


With Manage My Health, you can schedule an appointment, order a refill, view lab results, and access your health records from the convenience of your computer or device.

You can access your confidential portal from any device in the world and view logs for things like allergies, prescriptions, and vaccinations. A significant benefit is that this information can be quickly and easily shared with other healthcare professionals when needed.

ManageMyHealth not only helps you better manage your healthcare, but it also saves you time and money. Where before it was necessary to go to the clinic for a new prescription, it can now be requested through the portal.

You can also make an appointment at the clinic you are registered with through ManageMyHealth – look for a clinic through White Cross or Local Doctors to see if they offer this service.


ManageMyHealth increases healthcare efficiency and reduces administrative burden by using ManageMyHealth features such as online appointment management and electronic medical record management, secure messaging and appointment reminders, etc.

Everyone should use ManageMyHealth. Even if you are in very good health and don’t see your doctor often. You never know when an emergency might arise where your basic medical information could be critical, such as: B. Your blood type or any allergies you may have.